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selling your seattle home in 2023

Here’s Why You Should Sell Your House in 2023

Could this be the sign to take advantage of the housing market and sell your house this year? According to a recent Monthly Housing Market …

Realtors you can trust in Seattle

Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Professional When Selling Your House

With winter slowly loosening its grasp and giving way to warmer weather, those thinking of selling their house should start preparing. According to real estate …

5 expert tips selling your home in seattle

5 Expert Tips for Selling Your Home in 2023

Despite the cooling housing market and decelerating home prices, experts say 2023 remains an excellent time to sell, thanks to the continuous buyer demand and …

home staging in seattle

Home Staging Secrets Professionals Use

Staging a home is likely the first action you’ll take after deciding to sell your property. With 82% of buyers saying that staging helps them …

home buying in seattle

Why Buying a Home Makes More Sense Than Renting

Buying a home is everyone’s dream, but it is not easy to make the first step and climb the property ladder. It is a major …

seattle housing market

Five Things Buyers Can Do in Today’s Housing Market

Many future homeowners that decided to buy a new residence are surprised by the rising mortgage rates in 2022. According to the National Association of …

interest rate hikes housing market

Pros and Cons of Fed Interest Rate Hikes for the Housing Market

The number of home sales in the United States reached 6.9 million in 2021. With this figure projected to increase to seven million by 2023, there has …

real estate commission and rebates

Real Estate Commissions & Rebates

Purchasing a house rather than renting it has never gotten out of fashion. Just in May 2022, statistics showed that 30% of all house buyers …

new construction homes seattle

New Construction – Find Your Home Before Completion

Statistics from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) in 2021 show that the first two steps homebuyers usually take are to look at properties online (41%) and …

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