Home Staging Secrets Professionals Use

Staging a home is likely the first action you’ll take after deciding to sell your property. With 82% of buyers saying that staging helps them visualize the future look of the property, it’s worth investing some time and energy into the process.

Home staging is a good marketing strategy that involves rearranging and adding furniture and decor to give your home the necessary dress-up. This, in turn, results in quick sales and high profits.

If you have no idea where to start, we’re sharing the best pro tips on staging homes in this blog. We’ll also suggest where to find a reliable realtor in Magnolia, WA if you’re looking for property in the area.

Declutter the Home

Realtors swear by this rule. Buyers can’t be expected to imagine their new home in a place that is messy, unappealing, and cluttered. Purchasing a new home means having a fresh start, and chaos doesn’t send that message.

Start by removing all the unnecessary furniture. Put away items left in the open and pack up 50% of the stuff you have in the closets. Add a coat of fresh paint, clean the windows inside and out, and replace dark curtains and rugs with fresh ones.

Rethink Room Layouts

Sometimes, the current layout of your home is not the best one. Here, the task of home stagers is to make sure potential buyers can move around freely during an open house tour.

Rearranging your furniture and rethinking the whole layout will make the room appear larger.
For this purpose, you may need to remove unnecessary furniture pieces and increase the spaciousness of the home.

Increase Lighting

One common mistake that home styling pros see often is making homes dimly lit. While romantic lighting may be what you were after, this is a big no when selling a home. Add table and floor lamps to brighten the room’s dark corners and make the space feel lighter. Make sure to use matching light bulbs that will emit the same light intensity and color throughout the area.

Update with Fresh Paint

Applying a fresh and crisp coat of white paint is the fastest way to update your space and renovate it. Consider using lighter neutral colors on the walls that were previously painted dark. Most of the time, neutral colors appeal to potential buyers.

Never Forget Scents

Buyers don’t like walking in houses with lingering odors. One of the secrets that professional home stagers recommend is the smell of orange and cinnamon. Boil some cinnamon sticks and orange peels and place them around the house.

Refresh and Tidy Rooms

Bedrooms, bathrooms, and even storage areas should be tidied up and refreshed before the house goes up for sale. Clean all nightstands in the bedrooms, add fresh linens and stage the room to appeal to buyers. Remove used toiletry items from the bathroom and add new towels and a hand soap bottle. Replace the shower curtain and thoroughly clean the bathroom.

Create a Warm Welcome

Encourage buyers to feel welcome and drawn to the property. For example, you can add a new welcome mat, and enrich the space with house plants and flowers. Allow buyers to see the house’s potential.

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